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People make the difference! We'd like to acknowledge the following people for their donations towards the Solano County Feral Cat low cost spay and neuter clinic.The following help make the clinics a reality. Thank you!!!

  • Solano County Friends of Animals
  • We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Solano County Friends of Animals for their generous donation to our feral cat program. Because of their donation, we will be able to increase the number of cats we are able to spay/neuter at each clinic, and offer more comprehensive care. Thank you for supporting and financially backing our efforts to bringing about a time when there will be no more homeless cats.
  • SCARF for assistance with our bookkeeping, and for donating 3 spay packs.
  • All the Vets, Vet-Techs and volunteers who freely give their time to help make a difference in the lives of the cats brought to the clinic.
  • Apria Healthcare in Fairfield-for donating oxygen tanks for our clinics
  • Cresco Equipment Rentals
  • 5170 Fulton Dr, Fairfield, CA 94585
  • Phone: (707) 863-7504
  • For the use of their crane to rescue a cat stuck in a tree for 4 days.
  • TruGreen LandCare Watt Dr. Suite B. Fairfield, CA. 94534For assistance with rescue of a cat stuck in a tree for 4 days.
  • Patti Del Mercado- for her generous donation of much needed clinic supplies (vacuums, electric clippers and blades and Snuggle Safe Discs, and more!) that help many cats, month after month at our clinics.
  • Joanne Smith of Rio Vista-your monetary donations have helped so many cats,both in Rio Vista and all of Solano County.
  • Mary Shaw for her blanket and towel drive for our feral cat program
  • Patrica Childs for her generous donation.
  • North Bay Truck Body for it's generous donation to purchase the tables for our clinic.
  • Jane Takenouchi donating our adoption crates
  • F.A.S.T Lions Club
  • Sharon Bacinett
  • William and Annette Fell
  • Kay Juhl in memory of Edna Condra
  • Scott and Anne Mclean in memory of Edna Condra
  • Clifford and Linda Neal in memory of Edna Condra
  • Joanne Smith
  • Teresa Karpinski
  • Michelle Bartlett
  • John Malgapo
  • Kristina Betz
  • Christina Roberts
  • Lori Blevins
  • Suzanne Young
  • Paula B. Harris
  • David Lambrecht
  • Jane White
  • Laura Layton
  • Margarete Vizzone
  • Margarete Ziegler
  • Gwen Ames
  • Dale Bablo
  • Kathrine Betz
  • Larry Battaglia
  • John Kizer
  • Suzanne McDonald
  • Kristin Lomas
  • Britt-Marie Lindqvist
  • Suzanne Young
  • K. Locatelli
  • Bill Wall In honor of Slink
  • Kim Rodriguez
  • Patricia Butler - In honor of your wedding anniversary
  • Patricia Turner
  • Sue Solara
  • Kathleen Shy
  • Hector Gavilanez
  • Sylvia Basu
  • Susan Milikien - In Memory of Doris Steffey
  • Cecil Edward Mitchell

Melissa Buchanan - Core Temperature Thermometer

THANK YOU to Round Table Pizza on Waterman Blvd, in Fairfield for donating pizza to our vets and volunteers and to Starbucks on Alamo Dr. in Vacaville for their donation of much needed coffee for our hardworking volunteers. These businesses donate to every clinic.

Shelters from the Boy Scouts
Our sincere thanks to Matt Engle and his team for building 4 beautiful feral cat shelters for some very deserving homeless cats.This was done as an Eagle Scout community service project. Great job, Matt and congratulations on your accomplishment!


Clinic Dates

Clinic dates :

 June 1st- Ferals 


Cats are transported to and from their spay/neuter appointments by our volunteers.




DIXON 630am

Clinic Stats

Solano Feral Cat Group has altered:

4,602 feral cats through our own feral cat clinic!

1,516 through our Outreach Program! 

We rely 100%  on public donations to keep our program running!

Please make a tax deductible donation today!

Cat Rescue Award