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Appointment Information

Solano Feral Cat Group (SFCG) is a small volunteer based organization. Our small group of volunteers spend an enormous amount of time coordinating and transporting cats to and from out of county low cost spay and neuter appointments. We receive hundreds of requests for help every month, and only have a small amount of appointments available. It's imperative that if you book an appointment, you show up. 


Due to the amount of people that have been booking appointments and not showing up, effective 7/1/23 a NON REFUNDABLE deposit must be paid in order to book an appointment with SFCG. If you do not show up for your appointment, cancel your appointment, or reschedule your appointment, you will lose your deposit. 


If you are a no show to your appointment, and did not cancel or reschedule with us, you will lose your deposit, and will not be able to book future appointments with us. 


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you will be allowed to book a future appointment with us, but you will not receive your deposit back.


Deposit must be paid via our PayPal link. 


Deposit information:


$22 Deposit 

$20 will be applied to your balance 

$2 is a third party payment processing fee that will NOT be applied to your balance. 



Once you have spoken to our appointment coordinator, you will be given an appointment date "offer". An appointment "offer" does not book your appointment, your non refundable deposit books your appointment. 


Please read over our website about How our Program Works. On our website, you will find the registration forms, waiver, prices, drop off times and locations. 


Registration forms and waiver:

You will need to print out the registration forms and waiver, fill them out, and bring them with you the morning of the appointment. We cannot accept cats who do not have their registration forms and waiver completed and brought with the cats the day of surgery. If you do not have a printer, please utilize a public printer ( Fed Ex, libraries, etc). 


Registration forms and waiver found here.



Carriers need to be small sized, secure, and hard sided. We cannot accept cats in soft sided carriers, cardboard carriers, wire dog crates, or purse/backpack type carriers. Make sure your carrier is secure and in working order, and not missing any pieces. 


Please make sure carriers are cleaned prior to using them to transport for surgery. Please do not put any dishes in your carrier/trap. A carrier lined with a pee pad, or a white hand towel is a nice touch.


One cat per carrier/trap.


Traps: Cats can also be in secure humane cat traps. Please zip tie for extra safety. 



Please make sure your carriers are labeled with  your information, the cat's name and description, and which services you would like done. 



Please make sure your carriers are covered with easily identifiable towels, and also labeled with your name. Every carrier/trap needs a cover. This helps keep the cats calm during transport. 


Cats need to be healthy to undergo surgery If cats are showing signs of illness, such as diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, or skin conditions, please reschedule them for another date and time. 


No food after midnight the night before surgery, water is OK.


Payment is due when you pick the cats up  the evening. Payment can be cash or check, payable to Solano Feral Cat Group. 



We work with multiple spay/neuter clinics. Each has a different price structure. Prices can be found on our website.


There is no extra charge for cats that are pregnant or in heat.


Pick up/Drop off:

Our appointment coordinator will discuss the drop off/pick up time when you book your appointment. 


If we are transporting to Napa, drop off time is at the former Fairfield Petco on Holiday Lane at 6:30am. Pick up is at the same location at 4:15pm.


If we are transporting to Diamond Springs, drop off times are:

Former Fairfield Petco 1470 Holiday Lane (Holiday Lane and Travis Blvd.) at 5:30am.( Pick up 7pm)

Vacaville McDonald's 990 Alamo Dr. (Alamo and Marshall Rd) at 6am( Pick up 6-6:30pm)

Dixon McDonald's 1410 Ary Lane (Ary Lane and PitSchool Rd.) at 6:30am.( Pick up 5:30-6pm)


Post op:

Post op recovery instructions will be provided. Please make sure you have a safe, quiet, and monitored place for the kitty to recover after surgery. 


Solano Feral Cat Group has been assisting cats in Solano County for two decades. Our volunteers work tirelessly to keep these appointments available for our community. Please make sure that if you book an appointment, that you show up. 

Thank you for being a part of the solution! 

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