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How Our Program Works

Solano Feral Cat Group's dedicated volunteers offer appointments and transportation to and from out of county low cost spay and neuter clinics. Convenient drop off/pick up locations are located in Fairfield, Vacaville, and Dixon. Are you ready to be a hero help break the cycle of cat overpopulation? You have come to the right place! 

  • Appointments are required! Our volunteer appointment coordinators will go over how our program works, and assist you getting set up up with appointments to one of our 2 low cost clinics. As with any low cost program, these appointments fill up quickly. 

  • You will trap the cat the night before their spay/neuter appointment, and keep the cat in a safe, monitored place overnight. The traps should always be covered with a towel to keep the cat calm.*It's very important that the cats do not eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery, to prevent vomiting and aspiration(choking) while under anesthesia.*

  • Labeling your traps and carriers- please label each trap/carrier with your contact info, the cat's description, and what services you would like done. Please make sure your carrier or trap is secure, use a cable tie for extra caution. NO CARDBOARD CARRIERS. Cardboard carriers are not secure, and because of this we cannot accept cats in cardboard carriers. Thank you for understanding this importance. 

  • Registration Forms: Each cat will need to have a registration form, and waiver, that is signed and dated with the date of the clinic.  We will email you the forms, and you will bring them with you when you drop the cats off in the morning. 

  • Payment for services is cash or check only (made payable to Solano Feral Cat Group) and is due in full the day of the procedure.

  • Our volunteers will transport the cats to and from their appointment. Cats return the same evening between 6-7 pm. 

  • Recovery- you will need to recover the cats overnight, to monitor them after surgery. Cats can recover in their traps overnight, no need to transfer them into a crate and risk them escaping. Cats will be awake when you pick them up, but still under the effects of anesthesia so they need monitoring. Be sure to plan for this when booking their appointments.

  • Returning the cats to their colony. Return the cats to their colony the next day. Some cats may need extra time to recover, but as general rule they are usually returned to their home colony the next day. Be aware that when opening the trap to return them to their colony, they will bolt out of the trap. Make sure the trap opening is facing the safety of bushes, and not pointed towards a street where they can run directly into traffic. Return the cats when it's the quietest and calmest time in your neighborhood( very early in the morning or very late at night. 

  • Congratulations! You have successfully helped save a cat's life by preventing unwanted litters from being born! You are a treasure to our community.

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